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The area known as Meridian Kessler is a neighborhood of interesting variety with its 6,000 homes and 15,000 residents. It's far enough from downtown to be thoroughly residential and near enough to be completely urban, with gracious green spaces.

As indicated on the map at the left, the area's western boundary is historic Meridian Street, known for its distinguished homes and as the site of the Governor's Residence. The southern border is 38th Street, a major artery. On the north is Kessler Boulevard. The eastern border is a linear recreational park, the Monon Trail.


RESIDENCES - providing an architectural display that delights the discriminating eye. Built of stately stone, dignified brick, stucco or clapboard, the homes range in style from bungalows to mansions and in price from $30,000 to $1.5 million.

PEOPLE - a glorious variety of professions and occupations, races and talents vocations and avocations. Whatever you are, whatever you do, you can find many like you in Meridian-Kessler, whether in your work, your hobby, your recreation or your artistic or intellectual interests.

GREENERY - sheltering birds, squirrels and chipmunks and, once in a while, a rabbit or a racoon.. There are beautiful oaks, towering sycamores, colorful maples, clumped birches, redbuds; flowers of every kind, leafy hedges, decorative plants for spring and fall... and morning and evening the sound of bird-song.


NECESSARY PLACES: offering the services and stocking the items you use every day; groceries, shoe repair, dry cleaning, branch banks, post office and public library, restaurants, drugstores, gas stations,  variety shops, dentists, clothing, antiques, art and flowers.. Within the Meridian-Kessler area there are three public schools. There are parochial schools at our two Roman Catholic churches. We have five Protestant churches and the only Greek Orthodox church in Greater Indianapolis.

DESIRABLE PLACES -  almost within shouting distance. A drive of five or ten minutes is the distance to  Clowes Hall, a city's cultural center, the beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art with its Civic Theater, the nationally recognized Children's Museum plus planetarium, the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds and Butler University.


DOWNTOWN -  being served by public transit and by arterial streets to make the center of the city only ten to twenty minutes away.

SHOPPING CENTERS - including three large malls, Glendale, Castleton and The Fashion Mall, as well as a number of smaller centers.

HOSPITALS - three major medical complexes easily available.

RECREATION - Eagle Creek Park with its reservoir and its many outdoor diversions including hiking, picnicking, sailing, swimming and fishing. Three of the city's many golf courses within easy reach. Tennis at public and private courts. Ice skating.

EDUCATION -  Butler University and near by Marian University, both with evening courses and library resources for specialized study.


Established in 1965, Meridian-Kessler has been at the center of challenge for the purpose of protecting and increasing the quality of life of this neighborhood, whether it be in advocacy of responsible property taxes, business development, creation of neighborhood schools and options, public safety in its many applications, infrastructure, tree protection advocacy, facilitating the needs and goals of our youth and senior services, housing matters and the many other issues that seriously impact and critically sustain and improve our community of 15,000, as well as its larger body, the City of Indianapolis.

MERIDIAN-KESSLER NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION IS A NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization which advocates  for area residents when they need representation. It offers a sounding board for differing views and opinions.

A VOLUNTEER BODY sponsoring such activities as:

  • Community meetings to hear candidates discuss the issues and review legislative proposals.

  • Summer youth programs in great variety.

  • A Home and Garden Tour now in it's 37th year, highlighting the compelling qualities of this area.

A SERVICE STRUCTURE to schedule heavy trash pickups and periodic alley cleanups; oppose undesirable changes in traffic flow, zoning or land use; work cooperatively with real estate agents on a number of venues; arrange block parties, Christmas caroling and neighborhood sports events.

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