February 5, 2019

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INDIANAPOLIS (February 5, 2019) – IndyGo Red Line contractors will be ramping up construction activity on the corridor to cut 4 months off the construction schedule.

The acceleration plan will shorten the duration of Red Line construction and reduce the time that residents experience inconveniences, allowing the Red Line to open by the end of the summer.

Beginning Monday, February 11, as many as 20 construction crews will work simultaneously along the 13-mile stretch to ensure construction is complete by end of summer. Red Line construction includes utility, drainage, curb, sidewalk, crosswalk, signal, pavement, and transit station work.

“We know the community is eager to see construction complete and have the Red Line up and operating,” said Mike Terry, president and CEO. “Acceleration means that this summer, transit service throughout the county will be more reliable and improve accessibility for all.”

Construction will continue in all corridors, and residents and commuters will notice added evening and weekend work. Additionally, beginning Monday, February 11, all street parking will be restricted from 38th to 66th on College to allow construction crews a safe and continuous work zone.

IndyGo invites the public to attend an upcoming Red Line open house.

Tuesday, February 19
Indianapolis Art Center, 820 E. 67th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220
11am – 1pm
4pm – 6pm

When the Red Line opens, IndyGo will also improve local routes by 50% adding to the ability to move more easily and efficiently throughout the city. With more than 500 trips added in 2018, IndyGo has continued to see an increase in ridership.

Weekly construction updates available online and through email at www.IndyGoRed.com and by calling 317-635-3344.

About IndyGo:
IndyGo, the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, provides public transit service throughout Marion County. IndyGo is implementing the Marion County Transit Plan, which will bring a 70% increase in IndyGo services and build a strong network of frequent service. Improvements in the plan include shorter wait times, longer service hours, easier transfers, and rapid transit lines along high ridership corridors Visit our website, follow @IndyGoBus on Twitter, or call 317.635.3344 for more information.


Where should I park?

Residents are welcome to park on cross streets, parallel streets, or any other public spaces that are not signed as No Parking or marked with construction barrels or barricades as construction zones. We would like to remind you to please be considerate of your neighbors by not blocking driveways or parking on private property without permission.

Who can I contact about this?

You can contact the IndyGo Call Center at 317.635.3344 during the hours of operation listed below.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Sunday: Closed

Holiday Hours may defer, click here to view the holiday schedule.

For specific construction related issues, please contact one of the following corridor liaisons.

  • Northern & Central Corridors: Jennifer Pyrz, (317) 983-4230
  • Southern Corridor: Jennifer Heltsley, (317) 572-5040

You can also submit your feedback/questions online.

How will this affect my business?

On-street parking will be restricted within construction zones along College Ave (marked by orange construction barrels and signs). This will include areas adjacent to businesses. However, patrons will always be able to access your business! If sidewalk repairs are needed, a temporary path will be provided to enter your business.

How will my business get its deliveries?

Deliveries will need to shift off College Avenue during construction. Side streets, alleys, and parking lots should be used for delivery access during this period.

What can I expect from the construction (noise/lights/etc.)?

Construction can be noisy and messy. The contractor will have heavy equipment on site, digging holes to place new stormwater pipe and inlets, pouring concrete for sidewalks and curb ramps, raising new signal poles, and erecting the steel structures of the station areas.  The contractor will restrict especially noisy operations to daytime hours in residential areas.  They will use methods to control dust as much as possible.

To meet our acceleration goals, we will be working on Saturdays and some occasional Sundays. Nighttime operations are also a possibility – especially for work that might require a temporary water shutoff or that will temporarily close traffic on College Avenue.

Why wasn’t I informed earlier?

The acceleration agreement was finalized at the end of January and this included all potential impacts to residents and commuters. The IndyGo Board of Directors took a vote on Tuesday, February 5 and we notified the public immediately thereafter.

Who is paying for this? Do my taxes pay for this?

Red Line operations will be funded through IndyGo’s annual operations budget. IndyGo’s operational budget is derived from several sources, including federal formula funds, the Indiana Public Mass Transportation Fund, several sources of local funds, fare revenue, advertising revenue, and other sources of earned revenue.

Construction of the Red Line is being funded primarily through a $75 million federal Small Starts grant. Additional federal resources are being provided through a federal Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant already in place. Local match for these two grants are being provided by the City of Indianapolis and IndyGo.

Will this affect my yard?

No, your yard will not be affected.

Will the sidewalks be open?

Sidewalk work will begin on both sides of College Avenue, 38th Street to 66th Street, on or after February 11th. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the corridor though you may need to cross safely to the opposite side during sidewalk construction.

Will my driveway be blocked?

There are a very small numbers of driveways that may be impacted during construction to allow for improvements to drainage or reconstruction of curbs. Our team will notify any residents or businesses in advance of that type of construction impact so that alternate plans can be made. Impacts will be short term (24-48 hours in most cases) and can often be rescheduled to have minimal impact.

Where can I catch the bus?

IndyGo route information is available at www.IndyGo.net or by using Google Maps and selecting the bus icon. Additionally, the Customer Service team may assist in trip planning – 317-635-3344.

Will Route 17 still run along College during construction?

Yes, 17 will run along College during construction with temporary bus stops.

How will this affect driving on College Ave?

No full prolonged closures are anticipated. Drivers will be shifted to the middle lanes of College during the first phase of construction, with one northbound and one southbound lane available. Drivers should expect delays and possible turn restrictions. Drivers should heed flashing arrow boards, construction barrels, flaggers, and/or traffic officers.

As construction progresses on College, work will shift to the station areas. Vehicles will then be moved to the curb lanes and work will take place in the center of College Avenue for construction of the platforms and canopies.

Some utility work and station canopy installation may require short-term lane closures on College or on the cross streets. Whenever possible, these will be scheduled to happen during non-peak times or overnight. No long-term closures of cross-streets are anticipated.

When will this be over?

The Red Line Construction will be completed by end of summer 2019.

Will the construction areas be blocked off?

Yes. Flashing arrow boards, construction barrels, and barricaded will delineate the construction areas. Flaggers, and/or traffic officers may be used to direct traffic around some work zones.

What time of day will construction be happening?

Construction during acceleration will generally occur during any daylight hours, Monday through Saturday. The contractor may also periodically work overnight and on Sundays to meet their schooled commitment.

Will my water or other utilities be shut off during construction?

Short-term (several hours) water shutoffs will be necessary to facilitate these relocations in some areas. Property owners will be notified in advance by the utility if their service will be affected.


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