Tiki Take Out

October 2020

About Tiki Take Out


While the MK Stay at Home Tour presented by Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting has been translated from the traditional Home Tour into print, we had to think long and hard about what would replace our longstanding Twilight Tour. We have put together a spectacular alternative to gathering hundreds of neighbors: a one-stop-shop, party-in-a-box aptly titled “Tiki Take Out!”

Because of current circumstances, MKNA doesn’t feel comfortable bringing the community together and has developed Tiki Take Out as a way to give neighbors an opportunity to gather with those they feel comfortable with, celebrate the end of summer, and give back to the Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association. While this is a fundraiser for MKNA, we hope you’ll also see the value in what we’ve put together for you!


What is Tiki Take Out?

Tiki Take Out is a one-stop-shop, party-in-a-box!

Three different types of Tiki Take Out are offered and feature a variety of products and goods to throw the ultimate tiki party at your own home with those you feel comfortable with. While we hope neighbors throw simultaneous tiki parties across the city, we understand if you have other plans for your party-in-a-box and want you to do what is most comfortable to you.

Learn more about the available types of Tiki Take Out and order here!

How does it work?
  • Step 1: Purchase your preferred level of Tiki Take Out from the options listed here
  • Step 2: Plan your party with friends, family, etc.
  • Step 3: Order your food & beverage using our complimentary gift card.
  • Step 3: Await October 12/13/14 when your Tiki Take Out is delivered (or picked up!)
  • Step 4: Enjoy!

Our hope is to fill the neighborhood with individual, simultaneous tiki parties but ultimately when you throw your party is completely up to you.

How much does it cost?

There will be three types of Tiki Take Out available for parties of two and four:

  • Ohana: $250 (party of four)
  • Mahalo: $150 (party of two)
  • Aloha: $75 (party of two)

To view what is included in each level and purchase, click here.

How do I purchase? Can I buy more than one? Can I purchase it as a gift?

To purchase, start here! You will find a detailed explanation of Tiki Take Out including descriptions of each available box. Each respective box – Ohana, Mahalo, Aloho – have unique links to purchase in the title as well as at the end of each description.

You can absolutely purchase more than one but, it does require separate purchases each time.

Simply click the link, complete the purchase, then go back to the full list here and select what level you’d like to purchase!

If you’d like to purchase  Tiki Take Out for someone else -or- if the delivery address is different than the billing address, simply enter the delivery details in the comment section of your purchase.

Is food included in Tiki Take Out?

All three levels of Tiki Take Out include a Mango Passion Fruit Pie from Pots & Pans Pie Company!

Additionally, the Ohana box will include a $40 gift card while the Mahalo and Aloha boxes will include a $20 gift card.

These gift cards are valid at participating MK businesses. A list of participating businesses can be found directly on the gift card found within your box. We encourage you to order carry-out in advance so you can serve up delicious, local food at your tiki party! Be advised, these gift cards expire 12/1/20.

Check out a few highlights from past years!

  • "We love the homes, the walkability, the sense of community, IHM and the easy access to so many outstanding small businesses and restaurants."

  • "What I love most about MK is the diversity! I can live, work and play right here in my community - while meeting a variety of people with a variety of views that all value this great community."

  • "I love being in a historic neighborhood that is walkable and full of character. We chose Meridian-Kessler as the place to start our family."

  • "As a life-long resident of MKNA, I am thrilled with the diversity of neighbors and the renewal of MKNA as well as the surrounding areas.  New and old neighbors are forming wonderful relationships that strengthen our neighborhood.  I particularly enjoy the Home Tour which highlights our vast variety of architecture (residential and commercial) and celebrates the history of MKNA."

  • "What I love most about Meridian-Kessler are the neighbors.  As you drive through out neighborhood you can see the diversity in the homes which is very similar to the diversity to our neighbors, all who are trying to find ways to make Meridian Kessler a better place to live, work and play."

  • "I have enjoyed getting to know neighbors who serve on the MKNA Board.  The energy is contagious working together for a common cause.  I especially enjoy getting to know our young professionals who bring a new energy to the group."

  • "I love living in Meridian-Kessler because it's such a diverse community, with so much to do. We live in a particularly walkable part of the neighborhood, which makes raising a family even more wonderful."

  • "It’s only been a few months, but it’s already clear that (a) the board really cares about making things better and (b) our neighbors are caring and passionate about the neighborhood."

  • "What's not to love?  From the architecture to the people - variety is at it's best here in MK!  We love that! We've lived in cookie-cutter neighborhoods, and that was fine, yet my husband and I much prefer the uniqueness all around us.  The other thing we love is the walkability. We meet so many people.  Front porches make that possible too.  We've lived in some pretty amazing places throughout this country, and Indianapolis' Meridian-Kessler neighborhood has, by far, been the best for us! "

  • "I love MK's diversity from housing to businesses to trees & sidewalks!  I love the way our neighbors care for and are involved in the area. We are proud of and dedicated to preserving a safe & friendly place to live."


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