It’s Pothole Season!

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Indianapolis’ freeze/thaw weather just BREEDS potholes! So what can you do to help yourself, your neighbors and your community with this irritating and potentially damaging situation?

First look at the street in front of your home for potholes. Then look for potholes on your way to work. In both cases note a street number address and street name where the pothole is located.

You can then easily get these potholes patched and ultimately repaired! But how?

Report potholes and street repair needs to the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) online. NOTE: the MAC website takes a minute to load.

Follow these simple steps to notify the City to repair the pothole; you can submit a repair request anonymously, if you wish. However, if you want a call to report a completed repair, include a phone number. The steps are shown on the screen as:

  • Create a New Service Request
  • Select Streets, Signs, and Signals
  • Select Potholes or Road Damage
  • Select the appropriate category to report
  • Enter the requested information and submit

You can also call the MAC at (317) 327-4MAC.

Thanks for your help!

Jerrey Finnegan, Chair, MKNA Infrastructure Committee





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