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On Tuesday, March 3, the Board of Zoning Appeals voted 4-0 to deny the variance request for Fine Estate Art & Fine Estate Rugs.

4186 N Broadway St/Kaleidoscope Youth Center

Curt Churchman, Petition #2014-UV1-037

Variance of use of the Special Zoning Ordinance to provide for an art/rug gallery with related retail sales and services.

The Department of Metropolitan Development publishes Board of Zoning Appeals decisions online. At the time of this post, the report is not yet available.

2015 Staff Reports & Hearing Results – Board of Zoning Appeals, Division I


Many neighbors showed up to support both sides of this variance request. Regardless of which side you supported, it was great to see so many people taking the time to weigh in and have their voices heard by the City.

While the votes have been cast, this story is far from over. MKNA has two top priorities—first, our offer to help find a location for Mr. Churchman’s business still stands. We are reaching out to him to offer our full support and any resources we can pull in to assist in this effort. It has always been our desire to see his business succeed in the proper location.

Our second priority is to work to find a new owner for the Kaleidoscope building. As was discussed at the hearing, St. Joan of Arc is very interested in purchasing the building and are continuing their due diligence process. Members of the remonstrator group are working to re-engage the discussions with the KYC Board. MKNA will also be working to look at this and all possible options for owners. We have heard of other interest and suggestions for use and look forward to all ideas coming forward.

Read the January 14, 2015 Update: Additional Comments from the Land Use Committee for more information on this case.

Read the January 7, 2015 MKNA Land Use Report for more information on this case including the committee’s vote 5-4 to deny the variance.

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