96 Gallon Trash Cart Transition Continues

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This summer, 96 Gallon Trash Carts are being distributed to the rest of Meridian~Kessler. Some areas (predominantly east of College) were transitioned last fall.

In 2010, the City initiated the 96-gallon trash cart program to create a safer, cost efficient, and cleanertrash collection service for the residents of Indianapolis. As of the end of 2014,  nearly 140,000 households are using 96-gallon trash cartsDuring the summer of 2015, an additional 60,000 households will begin using 96-gallon trash carts.

If a resident has any concerns regarding the 96 gallon trash cart program, please contact (317)327-4622.

Residents that will receive a 96 gallon cart will be mailed informational postcards from Republic to notify them of their trash collection transition. Please visit the Pick-up Schedule website to find information regarding your scheduled pick up time.

A few Q + A

For more questions and answers about this program, please visit the indy.gov Trash Cart Transition website.

Do I have to purchase the 96 gallon cart?
The 96 gallon trash cart will be delivered to a resident’s home free of charge. If a resident is in need of another trash cart along with the one provided, they may purchase an additional cart for $65.

Do I need to use a 96 gallon cart in order for my trash to be collected?
Yes, all residents must utilize the trash cart services in order for the program to work efficiently for the residents and the City.

Where do I place my 96 gallon trash cart?
Trash carts should be placed 2-3 feet away from the curb with the arrows facing the street or alley. Please keep your cart at least 5 feet away from all objects and buildings.

Will I need to bag my trash before I put it in the trash cart?
Residents must place all trash in a 10-15 gallon kitchen size bags before placing them in the cart.

What about excessive yard waste?
Smaller yard waste, such as clippings and twigs, can be bundled and placed in the new 96-gallon carts for pick-up on regular trash day. Larger yard waste can be bundled and left out for pick-up on heavy trash days. Each bundle of yard waste counts as one heavy trash item. Two total items per household are allowed for heavy trash pick-up. Limbs longer than 3 feet long and 3 feet in diameter cannot be accepted, as they can damage equipment. Bags of leaves can be left out on heavy trash days. Each bag of leaves counts as one heavy trash item.

Will I still be able to take part in the leaf collection program?
Yes, the leaf season program procedures are not affected by cart program. Please visit the City’s Leaf Collection Homepage for more information

How will the elderly and disabled be accommodated by Republic?
Smaller carts will be made available for those who meet ADA requirements or have special needs who cannot use the 96-gallon cart. Republic crews will also provide walk-up service for those who meet ADA requirements and need assistance with their carts. Residents who need a smaller cart and/or walk-up service should call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4MAC.

For more questions and answers about this program, please visit the indy.gov Trash Cart Transition website.

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