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Noticed some construction around neighborhood intersections lately? BlueIndy electric car sharing service, in partnership with the City of Indianapolis and IPL, is arriving this summer. BlueIndy says,

“With up to 200 locations planned in Indy, you can find an electric car wherever you need one. From downtown to the city limits, north to south and east to west, BlueIndy lets you follow your whims, whatever road they may take.”

Currently there are three locations being installed in MK: 52nd and College, 54th and College and 49th and Penn.

There has been a lot of lively discussion around the neighborhood (and on social media) regarding the BlueIndy car share program. Much of the concern has revolved around the lack of notice and discussion about the selection of parking locations. Our organization was also surprised by the installation of these locations, and we have since been in contact with the City and the BlueIndy folks to understand the plans.

After numerous discussions and meetings with BlueIndy and City folks over the last three weeks, we believe that there was simply a misstep on their part and nothing more calculated. The locations in MK were some of the first locations outside of the downtown core and they readily admit they should have reached out to the neighborhood organizations (MKNA, Midtown, etc.) to communicate and discuss. They are committed to improving communications and have already taken several proactive steps.

Regardless of any feelings on BlueIndy, the locations currently under construction will soon be operational. Likely there will be additional locations in MK and Midtown as the program grows to be over 200+ station locations. So, where do we go from here?

  • MKNA is in regular communication with Blue Indy on the construction status of the station locations in MK. We will keep neighbors updated on the progress. We’ll also be sure to share more details of the program’s launch timeline for later this summer.
  • We will work closely with Blue Indy to offer input from neighbors and businesses about any future locations they wish to install.
  • MKNA is working with the City’s DPW to specifically address the parking situation at 49th and Penn. Everyone understands that the 5 spots taken by Blue Indy are harder to absorb given the smaller footprint of this commercial district. DPW’s plan will include short-term and long-term solutions for how we can efficiently use the on-street parking that serves this area. Similar review and discussion will be had for parking along College Ave, especially as we look towards the plans for mass transit and the impacts of the Red Line. 

We would encourage all neighbors and business owners to keep an open mind about this new service. The success or failure of this program is still to be seen. Many were skeptical that Indianapolis was ready for a bike share program downtown, but that has turned out to be a huge success (maybe one we should bring north??!!). 

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