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Stan Cuppy shares the story behind the uniform

Jean Easter of Easter Conservation Services helps local Meridian~Kessler resident Stan Cuppy preserve and create display strategy for his Grandfather’s World War I uniform.  

I have always enjoyed historical artifacts that include a backstory and my Grandfather’s World War I uniform is no exception. This particular backstory begins with making those long trips as a young boy to visit my grandparents back in the early 1960s.

Memories of those special road trips include hanging out in the back of the Ford Country Squire station wagon where Dad would answer my endless questions about the motor & drive-train as he proudly piloted his land yacht down the road.  Meanwhile Mom, flying “right” front seat, would lead us four siblings in car games to keep us occupied as we traversed thru endless farmland and quaint small towns across the flat Illinois prairie towards our final destination.

My Grandparents’ place was magical for me as a young boy. Think Norman Rockwell meets Andy of Mayberry. It was a place where time stood still and you were about to play a supporting role in a movie like Night at the Museum. It’s where Grandfather would gather us kids on the back porch and begin to hold court with his “back in the day” stories and then give us unfettered access to the grounds to explore & discover artifacts that would support his tales of adventure from eras gone by.

His uniform is one such artifact and material evidence supporting Grandfather’s great stories that I discovered in the attic during one of my explorations as a young boy. A story about a patriotic young man in his early 20s going thru boot camp back in 1918 and raring to get on that troop ship to cross the Atlantic to defeat the Hun in Europe and a young lady (Grandmother) faithfully awaiting his return after the War.

So what better places to take his uniform and prepare it for display to honor his memory than Jean Easter at Easter Conservation Services. When it comes to preserving and displaying vintage prints or one off historical artifacts like this uniform, Jean comes to mind because I know she will do a great job.

All I have to do is give her some general guidelines of what I am looking for and leave the artistic-technical details to her to make it happen. No job is out of the question for Jean. Whether its textiles, vintage prints, or other artistic mediums, she delivers a quality product that displays well and will last for generations. It also helps taking Jean to The Cake Bake Shop in Broad Ripple for desert to make sure your project stays top of mind and a priority… just saying!

Easter Conservation Services specializes in the conservation, treatment, and assessment of paintings, frames, prints, furniture, and textiles.

Jean Easter, proprietor, is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York, with a degree in the restoration of decorative objects. She has had the privilege of interning or working with leading art studios and museums in New York, London and Paris and has over 20 years experience working with clients that include corporate, public-private institutions, interior designers, and individuals in the Indianapolis and Central Indiana area. She is a Professional Associate in the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

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