MEETING • Sept 10 • Storm Water Utility Fees

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The Department of Public Works (DPW) will host two public meetings about the recent storm water user fee rate adjustment. DPW staff will also demonstrate a new online tool which shows viewers the newly adjusted storm water user fee for each parcel of land in Marion County.

September 10 from 5:30 to 7pm
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 6050 North Meridian Street

Each meeting will include a demonstration of the new Customer Service Interface available online. Marion County property owners will learn how to use this tool to view the specific storm water user fee for each parcel as well as the amount of impervious surface on each of their properties. As of July 2015, all storm water fees are calculated based on the City’s measurement of the impervious surface area on each parcel. Impervious surface area is any ground surface where rain and storm water cannot be easily absorbed into the earth, such as paved roads, driveways, patios, cement walkways and the area covered by houses and garages.


Details and questions about the storm water tax can be answered or found by phone, via email, or online. You may call 317-327-2015 and leave a message or question for call-back in the voicemail box. Via email, contact storm

Other storm water or local flooding problems should be referred to Citizens Energy Dispatch at 317-924-3311.

Use the online resources to learn what constitutes BMP and to access the tax credit form which you must use. If you want to know more, you can read about the Storm Water Program on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions DOWNLOAD

Indy residents can access the new Customer Service Interface Interactive MAP

Getting a rate reduction • Credit Manual & Green Supplemental Document

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Rain Garden and Native Planting Area Program

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