Star Wars Day at Kids Ink • September 19

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Kids Ink celebrates the power of books every day. Books can take readers to distant lands and fantastic eras, but they’re not alone. One of the most powerful stories found in all media takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars finds new ways to affect its audiences, and the brand new movie coming out in December may be too long to wait.

That’s why, on September 19th, Kids Ink hosts an all-day bonanza of this media super-franchise, including discounts, food, prizes, and so much more!


Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore
5619 N Illinois Street


From the minute the store opens, Kids Ink will have special promotions and activities available to customers of all ages.

All day, visitors may enjoy a 20% discount on our Star Wars merchandise. We’ll also have snacks and drinks made with Star Wars in mind available for as long as they last. Throughout the day, there will be worksheets, coloring pages, and similar activities for younglings to learn from and enjoy.

One of the best ways to celebrate Star Wars involves dressing up as your favorite character, and we hope lots of our visitors do just that! We’ll have extra-sized pictures for customers to take their picture with, and we’ll also have wonderful guests from The Indiana Mandalorian Mercs in full gear from 11am to 1pm to give people something unique to see. We’ll also have the Indy Lightsaber Academy here from 1-3pm presenting some of their best techniques for our guests. The luckiest may even be invited to participate and get a lesson in lightsaber dueling!


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