Sarah Schmitt at Kids Ink • October 18

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Kids Ink Bookstore will host a book signing for new author Sarah Schmitt with her debut novel, It’s a Wonderful Death.

“RJ, the queen of her high school, gets what she wants. It just happens, and everyone that doesn’t understand that regrets it. When she finds herself in Purgatory thanks to a ‘clerical error’ (and becomes a pawn in a political game between opposing celestial forces), what she wants suddenly doesn’t matter as much as what she can do to keep her very soul from tearing the Afterlife apart. Doing that may mean rewriting her history, but if she does, will RJ even recognize herself anymore?”


Sunday, October 18 at 2:30

Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore
5619 N Illinois Street

Kids Ink never fails to get excited about a new local author, and once again we’re bursting at the seams. Staff members have fought over advance copies and other local authors are ganging up on social media to drum up support for Sarah. She will be discussing her book, the process of making it, and signing copies for customers beginning at 2pm
For more information on the signing, please call the store at (317) 255-2598
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