Land Use Case Reviews • Tuesday, Nov 3 at 6pm

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Land Use Case Reviews of Requests for Variance
Tuesday, November 3 at 6pm

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 526 East 52 Street

The Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association Land Use committee will meet to review requests for variance of development standards. The MKNA Land Use Committee will consider these cases and make recommendations to the full MKNA Board.  All interested neighbors are encouraged to attend.


5732 North Broadway Street, filed for Nicholas and Jennifer Zyromski by James P. Mack

CASE #2015-UV3-024

Variance for use and development standards of the Dwelling Districts Zoning Ordinance to construct a second story dwelling unit (not permitted) in a 23-foot tall detached garage (20 foot permitted).


932 East 38th Street, filed for Mohammad Abdullah by David Kingen and Justin Kingen

CASE #2015-CZN-828/ 2015-CVR-828

The petitioner requests to rezone 0.24 acre from D-5 (W- 5) district to C-3C (W-5) classification; and variances for use and development standards of the Commercial Zoning Ordinance to:

  • Allow minor auto repairs such as tune-up, battery check and replacement, and other light repair at the shop and for interior car wash (not permitted);
  • Legally establish zero front yards on 38th Street and Winthrop (10 foot front yards, with landscaping required);
  • Legally establish zero front west and north transitional yards (15-foot required); and
  • Legally establish a trash container in front of the established front line of the building


PROCESS for Requests for Variance

The Land Use Committee of Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood Association meets on the first Tuesday of every month to review petitions for variance of use and development standards of the Dwelling Districts Zoning Ordinance for Indianapolis.

When seeking a review by the MKNA Land Use Committee, petitioners must provide MKNA with a copy of the Legal Notice of Public Hearing by the 15th of the preceding month (approximately two weeks before the regularly scheduled MKNA Land Use Committee meeting). If the MKNA meeting falls after the scheduled DMD scheduled hearing date, MKNA will file a request for automatic continuance for the public hearing. This means Indianapolis Board of Zoning Appeals will postpone their hearing for four weeks.

Important details are described on the MKNA Land Use Committee page of this website.


Indianapolis Board of Zoning Appeals

These cases may ultimately be scheduled to be heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals in the Public Assembly room of the City County Building (200 East Washington St).

Copies of the proposals listed above and all plans and exhibits pertaining thereto will be on file and available for examination prior to the hearing in Room 1821 of the City-County Building, Indianapolis, Indiana, between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.

2015 Staff Reports & Hearing Results – Board of Zoning Appeals, Division I

Written objections to a proposal may be filed with the Secretary of the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals, as appropriate, before the hearing at the above address and such objections will be considered. At the hearing, all interested persons will be given an opportunity to be heard in reference to the matters contained in said proposals. The hearing may be continued from time to time as may be found necessary.

Public hearings are accessible to persons with disabilities. For accommodations needed by persons with disabilities planning to attend the hearing, please call 327-5155, or 317-327-5186 for the hearing impaired, at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the hearing.
Department of Metropolitan Development, Division of Planning, Current Planning Division


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