Land Use Case Reviews • Monday, March 7 at 6pm

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Land Use Case Reviews of Requests for Variance
Monday, March 7, 2016 at 6pm

Northwood Christian Church, 4550 Central Ave

The Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association Land Use committee will meet to review requests for variance of development standards. The MKNA Land Use Committee will consider these cases and make recommendations to the full MKNA Board.  All interested neighbors are encouraged to attend.

5610 North Broadway Street, filed for Midtown Christian Church by David Kingen

CASE (not yet filed)

Pastor Corey Smith of Midtown Christian Church at 56th St. and Broadway requested the committee’s feedback about a variance the Church needs to purchase a house at 528 E. 56th St. The variance is needed to purchase the property for religious uses; the footprint of the house would not change.

932 East 38th Street, Mohammad Abdullah by David Kingen and Justin Kingen

CASE: 2015-CZN-828/2015-CVR-828 (Amended)

The petitioner requests to rezone 0.24 acre from (D-5)(W-5) district to (C-3C) (W5) classification; and

The petitioner requests variances of use and development standards of the Commercial Zoning District to:

  • Allow minor auto repairs such as tune-up, battery check and replacement, and other light repair at the shop,
  • A tire shop, with outdoor display (not permitted);
  • Legally establish zero-foot front yards on 38th Street and Winthrop (10 foot front yards with landscaping required);
  • Legally establish zero-foot west and north side transitional yards (15-foot transitional yards with landscaping required); and
  • Legally establish a trash container in front of the established front building line (not permitted).

The MKNA Board filed a letter with the City of Indianapolis Board of Zoning Appeals that recommended denial of the petition to operate a tire shop, with outdoor  display, but to approve the other petitions, including to rezone the property from (D-5) (W-5) classification to (C-3C) (W-5) classification.

4565 Broadway Street Central Avenue, Mark Haddad

Case # 2016-DV3-007 

The petitioner requests a variance of development standards of the Dwelling Districts Zoning Ordinance to provide for a six-foot fence in the front yard of 46th Street (maximum 3.5 foot tall fence permitted).


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