Land Use Case Reviews • January 9, 2017 at 6pm

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Land Use Committee Meeting
Monday, January 9, 2017 at 6 pm

Northwood Christian Church, 4550 Central Avenue

The Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee will meet to discuss land use issues in the neighborhood.  All interested neighbors are encouraged to attend. 

Cases to be discussed


4565 N. College Ave. (Preliminary discussion)

Petitioner: Gershman Partners by Michael Rabinowitch

Petitioner is seeking input from the Land Use Committee on their proposed redevelopment of the former Double 8 Foods at 4564 N. College Ave. The project would include restoring the existing building to house a restaurant. A partial rezone of the property is required, along with variances of use. Petitioner will be presenting their project and seeking input from neighbors and the land use committee. Once their zoning petition is finalized, the petitioner will return to the committee to seek support for the request.


4321 N. Pennsylvania St. (Preliminary discussion)

Homeowners: Jennifer and Alan Pyrz

Homeowners plan to construct an addition to their home, which will likely require a setback variance along the north side and the south side. Prior to filing the request with the City’s Department of Metropolitan Development, they are seeking input from the committee and neighbors at this time. If they proceed with requesting the variance, they will come before the committee in the future with a final request.


27 East 39th Street (The Sapling School)

Petitioner: Arthur A and Sharon J Cope, by David and Justin Kingen City Petition: 2016-CZN-836 / 2016-CVR-836

The Copes have applied to rezone 0.21 acres from the D-8 district to the C-S classification to provide for D-8, C-1 and SU-2 uses. The intended use of the property is a Reggio Emilia preschool (The Sapling School). They have also applied for variances of development standards of the Consolidated Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance to provide for:

  1. Six parking spaces (12 parking spaces required) with maneuvering in the right-of- way (not permitted),
  2. With zero-foot west and two–foot east transitional side setbacks (10-foot transitional setback required),
  3. With a zero-foot rear setback (10-foot rear setback required),
  4. With less than 40% building transparency on the north and west elevations (not permitted),
  5. With vehicle access from 39th street (not permitted for lots with 200 feet of street frontage or less), and
  6. A sign with a six-foot front setback (15-foot front setback required) and a 40-footeast side yard (50 feet required).

Additional details from the petitioner can be found here.


5897 N. College Avenue

Petitioner: Kessler Boulevard Investments, by David Kingen and Justin Kingen

City Petition: 2016-DV2-040

Petitioner has applied for variances of development standards of the Consolidated Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance to provide for:

  1. A liquor store (wine only), within two feet of a protected district (100-foot separation required),
  2. For the liquor store, a two-foot east side transitional setback and four-foot south side transitional setback and a trash container, with a zero-foot east side transitional setback (10-foot side transitional yard required).

As part of the application, the Petitioner commits to the following:

  1. The building will be open for business only between the hours of 10 am to 9 pm Monday through Thursday; 10 am to 10 pm, Fridays and Saturdays; if in the future such stores are permitted to be open on Sundays, the hours will be 11 am to 7 pm.
  2. The variance shall be valid only as long as the premises are occupied by a Vine and Table facility.
  3. No free-standing signs shall be located on the premises as long as the property is occupied by a Vine and Table facility


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