Land Use Case Reviews • February 6, 2017 at 6pm

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Land Use Committee Meeting
Monday, February 6, 2017 at 6 pm

Northwood Christian Church, 4550 Central Avenue

The Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee will meet to discuss land use issues in the neighborhood.  All interested neighbors are encouraged to attend. 

Cases to be discussed:

Consultations (no vote taken by committee):

  • Kid’s Dance Outreach (Michael Johnson, assisted by David Kingen) is considering building a facility along College Avenue. They would like feedback from the committee as they consider their options. More details will be presented at the meeting.


  • Jennifer and Alan Pyrz, who presented their plans to construct an addition to their home and a detached garage at 4321 North Pennsylvania Street at the January LUC meeting, will be presenting City Planning Staff’s comments/recommendations. As presented in January, the addition will extend the existing north edge of their home, and they will need a variance to the required setback from the north property line to construct the addition, and one for the south property line for the garage. The Pyrz’s learned that the Meridian Street Preservation Commission must review their petition before the City will schedule a hearing for their petition.


Requests for rezoning and/or variance of development standards:

5102 North Carrolton Avenue

City Petition: 2016-DV1-060

Homeowner: Mr. Eddie Smith

Mr. Smith has applied for variances of development standards of the Consolidated Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance to provide for:

  1. The construction of a detached garage, creating 45% open space (60% open space required); and
  2. To provide for a deck encroaching into the right-of-way of 51st Street (not permitted).

4573 North College Avenue (Next Door Neighborhood Pub)

(For previously presented details, click here.)

2017-CZN-800 / 2017-CVR-800

GP Developers, LLC, by Michael Rabinowitch

GP Developers proposes to rezone 0.55 acres from the C-3 (W-5) and D-5 (W-5) districts to the C-3 (W-5) district. They have also applied for variances of development standards of the Consolidated Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance to provide for a restaurant:

  1. With 27, 162-square foot parking spaces (44, 180–square foot parking spaces required);
  2. Within a 60-foot parking bay (63 feet required);
  3. To legally establish seven-foot front setbacks and zero-foot and seven-foot transitional side setbacks (10-foot front setbacks, eight-foot side transitional (alley) setbacks and 10-foot side transitional setbacks required);
  4. To legally establish the existing encroachments in the site distance triangles of the adjoining streets and alley (not permitted); and
  5. To legally establish roof signs (not permitted).


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