Plan 2020: Land Use Plan

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Plan 2020 seeks to create a unified, countywide land use plan that updates, incorporates, or replaces the dozens of existing planning documents. It will include performance indicators for land use types, providing more clarity about how different uses perform on transportation, economic, tax base, and environmental criteria. The updated plan will focus on keeping residents in and attracting residents to Marion County by planning for 21st century amenities and lifestyles. Particular focus will be paid to places in the county likely to see change, including transit corridors and cultural districts, and to integrate land use planning with transportation, economic development, Downtown, parks and recreations and strategic public investments. More information about the Land Use Plan can be found here.

In the coming months, a variety of office hours and public meetings will be available to the community to offer their insights on the developing Land Use Map. View the complete schedule of those public meetings here.

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