2019 Infrastructure Priorities

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As governed by the Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association By-Laws, the neighborhood has eight unique zones. Each zone has a Zone Delegate that sits on the board and weighs in on various issues, plans, etc. and how they impact their specific zone. They are meant to represent the best interest of their particular zone and are called on the complete various tasks including an annual survey of infrastructure needs in conjunction with the MKNA Infrastructure Committee. This survey is compiled and distilled into a report that is then given and discussed with City County Councilors, Department of Public Works and other City of Indianapolis Officials for consideration to the next budget year.

The 2018 Infrastructure Survey for the 2019 Budget was submitted to the following:

Mayor Joseph Hogsett

Director Daniel Parker, DPW

Ms. Melody Park, DPW Chief Engineer

Mr. Greg Garrett, Neighborhood Advocate

CCC Zach Adamson-Chair, Public Works

CCC Colleen Fanning-District 2

CCC William Oliver-District

CCC Joseph Simpson-District 7

The report submitted can be found in its entirety can be found here: 2018 Infrastructure Survey for 2019 DPW Budget

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