Central Avenue: August 7, 2018 UPDATE

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The following points have been delivered to MKNA courtesy of DPW. All points are verbatim and have not been altered in any way:

– The speed tables installed along Central Avenue were not curb-to-curb in the original design because the design anticipated parking in those areas would be more utilized than it is. After installing them, it was apparent wider speed tables would be a better option.
– The speed table extensions are ordered and should be installed early September. In the meantime, the flexible bollards have been placed on either side of the speed tables to deter drivers from going around the speed tables.
– The three intersections that are 4-way stops which will be converted to 2-way will allow traffic to flow freely. However, the speed tables near each converted intersection will calm traffic.
– The intersections that will see temporary traffic signals will also calm traffic and allow vehicles to move more efficiently.
– DPW is reviewing the plans for a temporary traffic signal at 56th Street at Central Avenue. There is no decision yet because all options need to be evaluated. It’s possible that a decision for plans at this intersection in the next couple weeks.
– Team members of DPW engineering and operations drive Central Avenue in this area at least twice a day to observe traffic patterns and behavior. DPW team members will continue to monitor traffic conditions now and through the construction of the Red Line.
At this time, DPW has been asked and urged to attend to upcoming MKNA Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, August 8 at 6:30 PM at The National. It is unclear that this time as to whether someone will be in attendance. City-County Councillors Colleen Fanning and Joe Simpson as well as IMPD North District have also been in invited. A meeting agenda will be set in advance and will be followed.
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