September Minutes: Infrastructure Committee

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When: September 11, 2018 | 7 PM

Where: 3965 N. Meridian Street, STE G

Attendees:  Jerrey Finnegan, Dominic Byrd-McDevitt, Nathan Kelly, Chelsea Marburger, and Wes Merkle

Central Avenue

For the sake of resident safety, MKNA’s preference is to retain the 4-way stops at 40th, 56th, and 58th.  If the temporary 2-way stops are implemented, the following are MKNA’s suggestions.

40th Street Intersection Suggestion:

  • Have DPW evaluate relocating the speed table that is immediately north of 40th St into the 40th St and Central Ave intersection to slow traffic in all directions once the 3-way signal at 42nd St is activated to control traffic flow to/from 38th St

56th Street

  • Ask that DPW evaluate installing a 4-way traffic signal at this intersection; the rationale is that cross traffic and pedestrians need a signal to safely cross Central Ave
  • If the above is done, remove the speed table on hill, just north of 56th St; it is problematic for traffic going north bound on Central Ave since it cannot be readily seen and it is too close to 57th St light for south bound traffic. Consider relocating it (see below for 58th St)

57th Street Intersection Suggestion:

  • The fully operational 4-way traffic signal at this intersection will be perfect

58th Street Intersection Suggestion:

  • Consider relocating “56th St speed table” between 58th and 57th to slow traffic for school and to avoid drivers trying to “beat” the red traffic signal at 57th Street

General Suggestions:

  • In the lane approaching each speed table, install reflective “Vs” on the pavement to alert drivers to what is ahead in their lane
  • Where 4-way traffic signals are installed , consider making them flashing red signals during non-school start and finish times and on weekends except Sundays between 8A-1P

42nd Street Corridor

Stakeholder and Resident Input and Involvement:

  • Convene a 42nd Street Corridor meeting at Library as soon as possible
  • Chelsea Marburger, Infrastructure Committee and Zone 2 Delegate Kait Baffoe to assist in notification of meeting
  • Chelsea Marburger to chair meeting, present MKNA suggestions and solicit feedback, support, and/or additional suggestions to take to DPW and CCC Simpson for review, comment, and/or action.
  • SJOA has stated that it does not wish additional STOP signs along 42nd Street

MKNA Suggestions:

  • Request that DPW evaluate extending the school zone from College Ave to Central Ave; this will require CCC Joseph Simpson’s support;
  • Request that DPW mark two separate, additional cross walks across 42nd St at the east side and west side of Broadway
  • Request that DPW add a marker per 2011 IMUTCD R1-6a (Stop for Pedestrians Within Crosswalk) set in middle of intersection of Broadway and 42nd (see illustration below)

Northview Sidewalk Improvement

  • The original petitions have been presented to CCC Zach Adamson;
  • MKNA will email copies to DPW Administrator Daniel Parker, and Office of Disability Affairs Dustin Gilmer;
  • Jerrey Finnegan has contacted CCC William “Duke” Oliver for a short meeting to present him with the petition summary and photos to show resident support and the need for these sidewalk improvements;
  • Petition summary is herewith inserted:
  • Photos of child and stroller that cannot use sidewalk due to its condition
  • Explore possibility of using Midtown TIF funds for this work; more discussion needed

Traffic Count in Forest Hills and Across College Ave

  • Intent is to develop baseline data to justify temporary means for traffic calming during Red Line construction in 2019; this is vehicle count, time and speed only for a one week time frame;
  • Only a traffic count is being requested on Guilford and Winthrop as well as Broadway and along 57th St (both east and west sides of College Ave)
  • The plan is for Chelsea Marburger and Jerrey Finnegan to meet with DPW’s Mark Zwoyer and Nathan Sheets to clarify what is being requested and to explore what is feasible within DPW budget constraints

Infrastructure Committee/Public Safety Charter

  • Committee members were asked to review the proposed charter and offer their individual comments prior to October 8th Board Development Working Meeting.


Based on input from stakeholders, residents, and the MKNA Executive Committee review, the plan is to present submit the suggestions to the DPW Director Daniel Parker, DPW Administrator of Engineering Mark Zwoyer, DPW Administrator Nathan Sheets, and to Mayor Joseph Hogsett.

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