How to Read a Zoning Notice

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One of our most active committees within the Neighborhood Association is the Land Use & Code Compliance Committee. This group of committed, neighborhood professionals consists of a various areas of expertise and reviews requests for variances for both residential and commercial properties on a monthly basis.

Prior to setting a Land Use Committee Meeting, a ZONING NOTICE will be distributed to five properties north, south, east and west of the property seeking variance to allow neighbors the opportunity to view plans that could potentially affect them due to their proximity to the project. The Land Use Committee reviews each petition using the Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Plan for reference to ensure projects fit the vision of the neighborhood, are consistent with nearby setback and architectural styles, etc.

Below is an example of a ZONING NOTICE being heard at this month’s (January 2019) Land Use Committee meeting. Following the notice is an explanation of the various pieces of valuable information it contains:

A. Address of the property where the project is being proposed

B. Names of the property owner and who is submitting the project petition

C. Petition Number on file with the City of Indianapolis

D. A description of the requested variance compared to the existing code requirement; i.e. this petitioner is requesting a variance for two-family dwelling with 65% open space with 40-foot width while the current code requires that two-family dwellings be on corner lots, a minimum of 105-foot width and a minimum 70% open space.

E. To attend the Public Hearing in support or to remonstrate against a case, all Marion County residents are entitled to attend the public meeting at the date and time listed on the ZONING NOTICE

F. If you have specific questions or comments about the case, you are encouraged to reach out directly to the City Planner assigned to the case. You can ask that your comments be made part of the petition file to be presented at the Public Hearing as well.

G. Prior to the Public Hearing, neighbors are encouraged to attend the Land Use Meeting to express their concerns, support, etc. directly to the Neighborhood Association to be taken into consideration. Upon completion of the Land Use Committee, a recommendation will be made to the City Planner on behalf of the neighborhood to either support or deny the petitioner’s request for variance.

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