40th & Meridian Street Traffic Light

 In Bulletin, Infrastructure, Public Safety
A new, fully operational traffic signal is currently under construction at 40th and Meridian Street. Currently, DPW plans for this light to be fully operational on January 23rd assuming IPL has no issues with weather or installation. 
The plan is to operate the light similar to the other signals to the north on Meridian Street. The signals will operate split phased for north and southbound traffic so northbound and southbound cars turning left from Meridian onto 40th will be able to do so safely which eliminates the time restrictions for the turns. On green, northbound traffic will go including the left turns. Then, southbound traffic including left turn will go on green, then eastbound and westbound will occur at the same time. The light will operate in this scheme 24/7 and will only switch to flashing if there is a malfunction. 
This will also allow for ample time for pedestrians to safely cross to and from Butler-Tarkington and Meridian-Kessler to enjoy all our great communities have to offer! 
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