February 18, 2019

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Construction for the IndyGo Redline has an accelerated completion timeline in order to reach early completion in July of 2019 (FAQ’s regarding the acceleration of construction can be found here.) Contractors will meet on a weekly to discuss progress and the impact of the project on surrounding neighbors. MKNA Infrastructure Chair Jerrey Finnegan will be on those calls and report back a summary of updates, changes etc. which will be posted every Monday along with the IndyGo Three-Week Look Ahead.

IndyGo Three-Week Look Ahead can be found here. 

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The following pertains to the College Ave corridor within Meridian Kessler and north into Broad Ripple from 38th to 66th:

  1. While on-street parking restrictions will continue in all work zones (marked by orange barrels/barricades), parking restrictions will be lifted outside of work areas.
  2. Efforts will be made to accommodate left turns as often as possible off of College or onto side streets.
  3. Currently there are no College Ave cross-street closures
  4. Temporary bus stops are being discussed due to near-term, future work along College Ave which will impact usual bus stops.
  5. Although IMPD may tow vehicles illegally parked along College during construction, IMPD will make every effort to locate the owner/driver of the vehicle prior to towing it. Towing is considered a last resort.

[Recorded by Jerrey Finnegan on 2/15/19]

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