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Each year, the MKNA Infrastructure Committee works diligently to log various infrastructure needs across the entire neighborhood. Through walking, bike and driving through the neighborhood as well as listening to the needs of constituents, a full report is compiled and distributed to the following City of Indianapolis employees:

  • Mayor Joe Hogsett
  • Mayoral Candidate James Merritt Jr.
  • DPW Director Daniel Parker
  • CCC Zach Adamson (Public Works, Chair)
  • CCC Colleen Fanning (District 2)
  • CCC Candidate Keith Potts (District 2)
  • CCC Joe Simpson (District 7)
  • CCC Candidate John Barth (District 7)
  • CCC William “Duke” Oliver (District 9)

This report is another way that MKNA is making sure our Councillors and city representatives are aware of the needs of our neighborhood. Countless hours are put into this report each year to make sure the needs of MK are top of mind in order to keep our neighborhood clean and safe. This year’s report can be downloaded here:

Thank you to the MKNA Infrastructure Committee for the completion of this project: Jerrey Finnegan (Chair), Dominic Byrd-McDevitt, Nathan T. Kelly and Wes Merkle

Questions about this report can be sent to:

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