Are you in danger?

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has three distinct ways in which you, a private citizen, can contact them about in progress crimes that threaten your safety, issues related to safety in which your life is a risk, and traffic issues.

When to call 9-1-1: 

  • ALL fire-related issues
  • ALL issues that require an ambulance and/or immediate medical attention
  • Reckless/suspected drunk and impaired drivers (attempt to get license plate information and details of car and driver)
  • In-progress physical altercations
  • Trespassers on your private property
  • All motor-vehicle accidents no matter how small or large the damage
  • Shots fired 
  • Audible calls for help from others
  • Suicidal or welfare checks

When to call 3-1-1: 

  • Fireworks after hours
  • Loud music and parties after hours
  • Issues with animals including domestic and wild animals
  • Lost/stolen property (after its been discovered missing)
  • Parking violations (on sidewalks, wrong direction on the street, parked on private property, etc.)
  • Juvenile runaway reports
  • Identify theft and fraud reports
  • Delayed reports

Reporting Traffic Issues:

If the issue you’d like to report is not an motor vehicle accident nor related to parking, please click here to learn more about how to submit a traffic complaint.

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