2020/2021 Infrastructure Report

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As of this posting, the 2020 Infrastructure Report for the 2021 City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works budget has been submitted to and reviewed with all three City-County Councillors that represent Meridian-Kessler. In addition to our Executive Director, Chelsea Marburger, and Board President Matthew Albaugh, MKNA Infrastructure Committee Co-Chairs Jerrey Finnegan and Dominic Byrd-McDevitt presented infrastructure priorities by district to Councillor Keith Potts (District 2), Councillor John Barth (District 7), and Councillor Duke Oliver (District 9).

Additionally, examples of cities across the country with more holistic approaches to reporting, repairing, and planning were presented as systems to aspire to.

Click here to view the full report.


Q: How are priorities selected by MKNA to be included in the report?
The Infrastructure Committee is comprised of residents from all over the neighborhood. Annually, members of the committee parse out sections of the neighborhood and assign them for review. Committee members walk, bike, drive, etc. the area in which they are assigned and document any issues that they see. Those issues are compared to the year’s prior Infrastructure Report as well as the current DPW project list. Remaining projects are then prioritized based on the severity, longevity, and impact of the issue.

Q: What sort of “issues” are included in the Infrastructure Report?
A: The Infrastructure Report focuses predominantly on streets, sidewalks, and drainage issues. Other topics like trees, traffic signals, etc. are best reported to via our Report an Issue” form or to the Mayor’s Action Center for more timely resolution. The Infrastructure Report focuses more on long-term, expensive projects.

Q: How do I submit an issue to the Infrastructure Committee?
We strongly encourage neighbors to always report to the Mayor’s Action Center first and always get a confirmation number. Once you’ve received a confirmation number, please send the number and a description of the issue to MKNA to assist in follow-up/resolution via our Report an Issue” form.

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