What is RequestIndy app? When/how do I use the RequestIndy app?


The Mayor’s Action Center, also known as the MAC is a city-run customer service line for all things related to city services. To report an issue (an list of issues can be found below), dial 317-327-4622. Always be sure to ask for a confirmation number when making a report.

Another way to reach the MAC is by using the RequestIndy mobile phone application. This is the best method as the MAC only operates 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The RequestIndy app will provide a confirmation number. Keep this number for your records.

Issues that may be reported by calling the MAC or submitting an issue via the RequestIndy app:

  • Stray animals or other animal problems (including dogs & cats)
    • Potholes, street maintenance, signs and signal problems
  • Streets, Signs & Signals, Snow & Ice
  • Environmental
    • High grass and weeds, tree problems, and environmental concerns
  • Trash, Graffiti & Dumping
    • Illegal dumping, trash, and recycling
  • Zone Violations & Abandoned Vehicles or Buildings
    • Code enforcement and zoning
  • Parks
    • Issues within parks related to trees, graffiti, potholes, playground equipment, or dog parks
  • Street Lights
    • Requests for new street lights and street lights burnt out

Once you have submitted your issue via the MAC or RequestIndy App, feel free to submit your issue to us as well using this form. With your confirmation number, we can advocate on your behalf for a solution.

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